Primary Health Care and Welfare projects in Kontum Province, Viet Nam:

financial and logistical support for three clinics;

financial assistance to two orphanages when needs are identified and funds requested;

annual financial and logistical budget for Midwife Training Program, since 2006;

In the past ACI has also provided financial assistance for HIV/AIDS programs in Viet Nam; 

construction of water wells;

financial support for occupational training

   Dispensary at Kontum, Viet Nam          Staff and children at Orphanage,      Girls' dorm Kon Jedreh, Viet Nam
                                                                            Kontum, Viet Nam 

             Sewing class, Kontum, Viet Nam                    Hand-dug well project,             Eel Farming Project,
                                                                                   Kontum Province, Viet Nam    Kontum Province, Viet Nam

In addition, a special fund has been established to provide scholarships in honor of Dr. Pat Smith (see History) for the training of sisters from the local convent aspiring to enter nursing or medical school.

  Dr. Pat Smith at Minh Quy c. 1974