My Tribute to Dr. Edric Baker

When I first met Dr. Edric Baker he was not sure about me, I was an ex GI with long hair, looking like a hippy and no medical background. At that time Edric and a Nurse, Rita Lampart, were the only western staff at Minh Quy.


I met and interviewed with Edric, Ya Gabrielle and Ya Vincent at the Hospital Annex.
The next morning following breakfast I asked Edric if he wanted me to come work at MQ. He was always Honest and Spoke His Mind. He told me “if it was up to him he would not ask me to stay” stating the description of me above. I’m thinking to myself, I won’t be working at MQ. Then before I could speak, he went on to say “But Ya Gabrielle wants you to stay and work at MQ, so you have a job”. Edric was always Fair and listened to others and Respected their opinions. I don’t think he regretted letting me stay and work at MQ. We worked together for almost two and half years, Jan. 1973 to March 1975. Edric accepted any challenge put before him and did his best to attain positive outcomes. In “75” when the western staff was evacuated, Edric and Dr. George Christian remained behind at MQ, demonstrating his Courage, Dedication and Determination to provide medical care to those in need.


I honestly believe that it would not have been the accolades he received over the years
during his educational endeavors, from his Country of Birth or even his medical peers
that would have given him the greatest joy and honor, but the final tribute paid to him by
the people he worked with, cared for and LOVED and their resolve to continue his
Mission and Work. Edric will be in their hearts for as long as they live.


“The Poor Helping the Poor”


Enjoy your Eternal Peace.