ASIA CONNECTION INC.  ---  Looking back at 2006

Our pattern of giving in 2006 was similar to that of the previous year. Main beneficiaries were the Kailakuri Health Care Project in Bangladesh, AIDS care and prevention programs operated by the Women's Union and Indradevi in Ho Chi Minh City and Phnom Penh respectively, and of course our old friends in Kontum, Viet Nam  --- Asia Connection's raison d'etre.
 In addition there were numerous small grants to health and welfare projects in various other parts of the globe:  Pakistan (earthquake relief administered by Church World Service), Indonesia (earthquake relief administered by American Friends Service Committee), East Timor (school supplies), central Florida (daycare program for migrant farm worker families), Israel and the Occupied Territories  (Christian Peacemaker Teams; Rabbis for Human Rights; and Creativity for Peace, a project that brings together young Palestinian and Israeli women for seminars and recreational activities at a ranch in New Mexico to foster mutual understanding).
Small on-the-spot grants disbursed by John Havican during his visits to Kontum addressed a variety of practical and medical needs: maintenance and repair of student dormitories, support for a midwife training program, supplies for clinics at Kon J'dreh, Kon Dr'sin and Kontum, building repair and assistance for two orphanages and home economics classes.
To facilitate John's ongoing fund-raising and travel activity (three Medical missions to Viet Nam in the course of the year with volunteer doctors and nurses from the U.S., working in conjunction with teams from the National Hospital of Odonto-Stomatology in Ho Chi Minh City to benefit disfigured children), it was decided to open a separate ACI bank account in St. Louis.

Here's a look at our financial activity in 2006:

Balance on hand 1 January 2006 (Tampa account)
Donations received
Total Income                                                                $88,118

Grants and expenses:

Kontum projects and surgical missions*                                                                 
AIDS care & prevention program, HCM City                      
AIDS care & prevention program, Phnom Penh                  
Kailakuri Health Center, Bangladesh                                 
Disaster relief, Pakistan (Church World Service)                 
Disaster relief, Indonesia (A.F.S.C.)                                    
Emergency food fund, Gaza (Creativity for Peace)             
Human rights projects, Israel (R.H.R.)                                 
Human rights projects Israel (C.P.T.)                                  
School supplies, Timor (Timor Religious Outreach)            
Daycare program, Florida (Good Samaritan Mission)         
"Books for the Barrios," Philippines                                          
Certificate of deposit for Pat Smith scholarships               
Administration (bank fees, postage, printing)                         

Total disbursements                                                   $69,783




As always, our deepest respect is extended to the legions of health and welfare workers the world over who have committed themselves to the causes of social justice and alleviation of human suffering.  It is a privilege to support their efforts.

*includes funding for  two orphanages, three clinics, Secondary School and Medical Training Scholarship Aid, Home Economics training program, Midwives training program, student dormitories, building repair, medical and lab supplies, transport of patients to Ho Chi Minh City for medical care, International shipments of medical supplies, as well as custom duties..